Saturday, May 23, 2009

Natawa naman ako sa balitang 'to.

I've read in an article on Abante-Tonite today that former child wonder, now openly-gay TV host/actor IC Mendoza has a new boyfriend.

Continue Reading... in straight-looking gay, who works behind the camera, ang new boyfriend ni IC. Director? or camera man?

In fact, they have just celebrated their 5th monthsary this month.

So, why the sudden shift from a straight boyfriend to a gay boyfriend?

Sabi ni IC, sawa na raw siya sa straight guys.

He also shared that he plays the "top" role in his new relationship.


Anonymous said...

I really hate this gay. Yes, i might be somewhat like "insecure" but i really hate him. WHy? Kasi magtake sana kami ng photograph with my friend tapos nagwave siya na hindi pwede sabay smile and then when we turn our backs, hindi niya alam na yung face ko nasa kanya pa rin the he show this ugly expression which is not good for me. Ewan ko lang sa iba. Sorry if i made this comment on him/her. :))

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