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Antonio Pedro Almijez, 20, will represent Spain in the 2009 Mr. Gay World pageant happening on February 4-8, 2009 in Whistler, Canada.

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This Spanish stud is a working student. He studies Policia Nacional and works at Massimo Dutti.

In Spain, he is a soughtafter fashion and commercial model.

Antonio's hobbies as stated on his Mr. Gay World 2009 profile include water sports, swimming.

He shared that he is a professional swimmer having competed in major competitions in Spain.

He is also into fashion, photography and performing arts.

In general, Antonio Pedro likes to have a very healthy life, surrounded by good people, unbeatable friends and his passions for sports, music or cinema.

Quotes from Antonio Pedro Almijez: "I feel that I must participate and hope to be selected Mr. Gay World because I am a young male, healthy, professional athlete, intelligent, good student, with very clear ideas in my head.

I fight for the important things in my life, because in everything I do, I do not intend to rest until I succeed. Mostly I like to live this good and beautiful experience, meet guys from all over the world to make good friend, and enjoy myself just like when I was participating in Mr. Gay Europe 2008.

I think it is important to work against HIV/Aids and also to make sure more people take care of themselves and others and use protection when having sex.

I am willing to commit myself to defend with all my strength our society so that we all are treated as humans, no matter color, height, the physical beauty or sexual orientation because we are all equals."

Here are some photos from the web of Mr. Spain Antonio Pedro Almijez:

For Spanish people out there, I have here a Spanish translation of my post (hope it's correct):

Antonio Pedro Almijez, 20, representará a España en el Mundial 2009 Sr. Gay Pageant ocurriendo en 4ta-8va febrero de 2009 en Whistler, Canadá.

Este español es un estudio de trabajo del estudiante. Policia Nacional estudia y trabaja en Massimo Dutti.

En España, es un soughtafter la moda y el modelo comercial.

Antonio pasatiempos como declaró el Sr. Gay en su perfil Mundial 2009 incluyen la práctica de deportes náuticos, natación.

Compartió que es un nadador profesional de haber competido en las grandes competiciones en España.

Es también en la moda, fotografía y artes escénicas.

En general, Pedro Antonio le gusta tener una vida muy saludable, rodeado de buena gente, amigos y su insuperable pasión por los deportes, la música o el cine.

Citas de Antonio Pedro Almijez: "creo que deben participar y espero que se seleccione el Sr. Gay Mundial porque soy un hombre joven, sano, atleta profesional, inteligente, buena alumna, con las ideas muy claras en mi cabeza.

Yo peleo para las cosas importantes en mi vida, porque en todo lo que hago, no tengo la intención de descansar hasta que tenga éxito. Principalmente me gusta vivir esta hermosa experiencia y buenas, se reúnen chicos de todas partes del mundo para hacer un buen amigo, y disfrutar de mi mismo al igual que cuando yo estaba participando en el Sr. Gay Europa 2008.

Creo que es importante trabajar contra el VIH / SIDA y también para asegurarse de que más personas se ocupan de sí mismos y los demás y usar protección en sus relaciones sexuales.

Estoy dispuesto a comprometerme a defender con todas mis fuerzas a nuestra sociedad a fin de que todos son tratados como seres humanos, no importa el color, la altura, la belleza física o la orientación sexual, porque todos somos iguales."

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Mr. Austria Michael Fröhle, 25, is one of the 24 contestants competing for the title of Mr. Gay World 2009 in Whistler, Canada.

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Whistler, Canada will host the very first Mr. Gay World competition happening on February 04 to 08, 2009.

Twenty-four gay candidates are expected to arrive and will compete to become the 1st Mr. Gay World winner.

There are only two Asian contenders enlisted, the 33-year old businessman Wilbert Tolentino from the Philippines and 28-year-old choreographer Bhavin Shivji Gala of India.

Canada is the 4th country in the world to legalize same-sex marriage, thus a perfect venue for a pageant like this.

ARGENTINA, Victor Marcelo Benitez
AUSTRALIA, Ben Edwards
AUSTRIA, Michael Fröhle
BRAZIL, Edson Lopes
BULGARIA, Deyan Kolev
CANADA, Darren Bruce
CHILE, Roberto Andres Alvarez Alvarado
COLOMBIA, Francisco Javier Ortega
GRAN CANARIA (Canary Isles, Spain), Dempsey Saeedian
INDIA, Bhavin Shivji Gala
IRELAND, Max Krzyzanowski
KWAZULU NATAL (South Africa), Andrew Venter
LITHUANIA, Arturas Vipas Burnickis
MEXICO, Pico Velasco Michel
NEW ZEALAND, Reece Karena
NORTHERN IRELAND, James Ciaran Smallman
NORWAY, Kai Thomas Ryen Larsen
PARAGUAY, Alexis Cespedes
PHILIPPINES, Wilbert Tolentino
SOUTH AFRICA, Christian de Jager
SPAIN, Antonio Pedro Almijez
USA, Doug Edward Repetti
VENEZUELA, Juan Jose Bracho

Wednesday, February 4, 2009
Arrival to YVR International Airport - Transfer to Whistler
4.00 PM Delegate Check in to the Marriott Hotel in Whistler
5.45 PM Meet in Lobby
6.00 PM Welcome Reception/The Oslo Dinner
8.30 PM Fittings & Walk-through for Fashion Show
12.00 AM Back to Hotel

Thursday, February 5, 2009
7.00 AM Breakfast at Marriott Hotel
8.00 AM Show & Tell - delegates show costume
9.00 AM Morning Workshops with Guests
10.30 PM Whistler's Pink Flight & Lunch on Blackcomb
2.00 PM Rehearsal for Fashion Show
6.00 PM Swiss Reception at Bavaria House
8.00 PM Doors open - Silent Auction
11.00 PM Back to Hotel

Friday, February 6, 2009
7.00 AM Breakfast at Marriott Hotel
8.00 AM Workshops: Public speaking & media
10.30 AM Eco Challenge
1.30 PM Lunch
3.00 PM Afternoon Talk: Equality, Respect, Life; What does it mean to be MGW?
4.30 PM Shopping; Dinner Challenge;
7.00 PM Dinner
8.00 PM Photo shoots & Free-time

Saturday, February 7, 2009
7.00 AM Breakfast at Marriott Hotel
8.00 AM Photo Shoots & Interviews
12.00 PM Lunch
1.00 PM Awards Rehearsal;
4.00 PM Photo Shoots & interviews
6.00 PM Dinner
8.00 PM MGW Grand Finale Award Show
10.00 PM SNOWBALL after party with DJ Ana Paula (Rio)

Sunday, February 8, 2009
10 AM Breakfast at Marriott Hotel
11 AM Wrap Up Chat MGW 2009; Delegates depart for Vancouver
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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Manuel Chua Jr is one of the participantes of Pinoy Fear Factor.

More photos of Manuel Chua after the jump...

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Friday, January 23, 2009

Ryan Dungo and Dennis Torres, members of the new all-male group Cappuccinos, are the main offerings of the sexy gay flick 'Sagwan', an entry in the Queeriosity International Film Festival on February 4 at the University of the Philippines (UP) Film Institute.

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I've heard that Ryan and Dennis are fearless in flaunting their private "things". According to a tabloid, one of them had a "climatic experience" while doing a sexy scene with female lead Martina Wilson.

And also, there's also this scene where one gay is kneeling in front of them and holding both men's ahummm.

Am I too decent to describe that one?

Also in the cast are four other members of the Cappuccinos (see photo below) such as Anton Vincent Malco, Erie Obsena, Genesis 'Gino' Cabrillas, Adrian Campos plus Heherson Esmeralda, Alexander Castillo, Arnold Mendoza and Mark Portus.

The Cappuccino Boys From L-R: Anton Vincent Malco, Dennis Torres, Erie Obsena, Gino Cabrillas & Ryan Dungo

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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Now a mother to Calix Andreas Ho, Carlene Aguilar is still as hot as the time when she represented the Philippines in the 2005 Miss World beauty pageant.

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FHM Interview with Carlene

Ace lensman Doc Marlon is telling us you’re quite scared to do this shoot—why?
I’m not that afraid. It’s just that I want this shoot to come out really good and very classy. And (looks at the huge fish tank being filled with water)—dahil lulubog ako sa aquarium! I’ve been told you’ve not done anything like this so it should be very exciting. Besides, I was the one who chose this concept among the pegs you’ve cooked up for this shoot so titingnan ko after the shoot kung nagkamali ba ako sa pagpili. I’m thinking, “Will I come out refracted in water?” “How long will I have to hold my breath?” Things like that…

To put this in perspective: Most times we interview after shoots, and by then the models are already comfortable. You, however, are like waiting for your turn at the Chinese water torture chamber. The feeling is justified. But being a beauty queen, are shoots like this natural to you?
Hindi rin, ha ha! Just because you’re a beauty queen doesn’t mean wearing swimsuits, say, for a shoot. I’m comfortable with my body—I can wear swimsuits—but I’m not really comfortable being photographed in one.

But aren’t pageants weirder? You walk in a swimsuit in front of thousands of people on live television watched by millions more. For this shoot there are only, what, 10 or so of us…
You know what, it doesn’t make any difference to me. Kasi may stage fright ako. It doesn’t matter if I’m in front of a live audience or the crew here. Hindi nawawala yung kaba ko.

An FHM debut by any actress is viewed as her first step to a bigger, bolder career—is this the case with you?
Hindi naman. I just want to experience how it is to pose on a cover of a magazine in a bikini.

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