Friday, January 23, 2009

Ryan Dungo and Dennis Torres, members of the new all-male group Cappuccinos, are the main offerings of the sexy gay flick 'Sagwan', an entry in the Queeriosity International Film Festival on February 4 at the University of the Philippines (UP) Film Institute.

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I've heard that Ryan and Dennis are fearless in flaunting their private "things". According to a tabloid, one of them had a "climatic experience" while doing a sexy scene with female lead Martina Wilson.

And also, there's also this scene where one gay is kneeling in front of them and holding both men's ahummm.

Am I too decent to describe that one?

Also in the cast are four other members of the Cappuccinos (see photo below) such as Anton Vincent Malco, Erie Obsena, Genesis 'Gino' Cabrillas, Adrian Campos plus Heherson Esmeralda, Alexander Castillo, Arnold Mendoza and Mark Portus.

The Cappuccino Boys From L-R: Anton Vincent Malco, Dennis Torres, Erie Obsena, Gino Cabrillas & Ryan Dungo


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