Friday, November 5, 2010

Kenjie Garcia and Ardie Bascara share top-billing in the upcoming indie film "Brod".

Fraternity is brotherhood. Brotherhood is love. Does it only exist between two men with the same ideals? Only with brothers of the same sexuality?

Kenjie Garcia was known for portraying the adolescent boy in the 2007 gay indie film "Ang Lihim ni Antonio" while Ardie Bascara was featured using the screen name Basti Romero in the March 2010 film "Santuaryo".

"Brod" is showing on November 10, 2010 in selected theaters.


Kenjie Garcia as Terence David
(Introducing) Ardie Bascara as Tad Feleo
Marife Necesito as Mrs. Parapara
Xeno Alejandro as Bolet Abello
Paul Jake Paule as Mico Parapara

Jess Mendoza
Nicole Andrew Guila
Neil Tibayan
Patrick Esteban
Mehdi Gholami
Venj Pellena

Director: Ray Gibraltar
Screenplay: Archie del Mundo
Executive Producer: Milbert Ambat
Line Producer: Bebs Gohetia

Assistant Director: Sigrid Andrea P. Bernardo
Cinematographer: Maisa Demitillo
Production Designer: Alf Thaddeus Alacapa
Editor: Ray Gibraltar
Musical Score: Monet Silvestre
Sound Design: Ditoy Aguila

Production Manager: Dohna Sarmiento
Production Assistants: Remz Mallari, Greggy Buquia
Script continuity: Erick Frago
Fraternity consultant: Cicero E. Danseco

Publicity Photos & Poster: Ian Felix Alquiros


Anonymous said...

wow....super i dol namin si kenjie garcia,napaka galing na actor at mukhang mabait pa...ang gwapo nya lalo tlaga sa coco martin....!!!!!

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