Sunday, April 8, 2007

Lesbian Kissing vs Gay Kissing

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Why do straight men abhor watching two men kissing?

But they love watching two girls kissing each other?

In fact, most of the men I've interviewed would rather watch two women kissing passionately than a guy kissing another man. It drives them hot to see girls kiss each other.

And also, they are also open to kissing a lesbian than kissing another man.

I also asked straight girls about same sex kissing. Lesbian kissing is in a way acceptable for them to watch and even experience, but they hate to see man-to-man kissing. For them, it's a big big gross to see two men kiss.

Kissing a gay man is also not a good idea for them.

Uhmm, seems like only bisexual men or gays love to watch, see or experience man-to-man kissing.

You think is it just right to say that lesbian kissing has more commercial appeal than gay kissing?


Mx said...

huh? No! Look, I even made a group about it!

See? And I only added it today - many more people to join, let me tell you. I know SO many girls who think it's hot!

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